Antiquaria Calligraphy Boxed Starter KIt

SKU: AQ-D1039

Are you as OBSESSED with calligraphy and hand-lettering as we are?

Yeah...we thought so.

That's why we decided to make getting started super easy for you by putting all of our favorites in one adorable little box! (P.S- It also makes a fabulous gift for a lettering enthusiast)!

Packaged in our Calligraphy Started Kit, are the tools that you need to learn lettering.

It includes all of our time-tested favorites:

1 natural woodpen holder

2 nibs

1 10 ml. bottle of aqua J. Herbin Ink

Exemplars of Bailey Amon Rivera's Vintage calligraphy style (1 Uppercase and 1 Lowercase)

Practice Paper Sheets

**This is a kit of our favorite tools and exemplars (diagramed letter-form guides) by our in house calligrapher. It does not include a how-to book or calligraphy lessons.**