Custom Journals to Honor Global Leaders

Promundo recognized its Future of Manhood honorees with over 150 colleagues, donors, partners, and thought leaders in Washington, DC. As a gift to honorees, they chose our Harborview Leather Journal, embossed with their logo and the name of each individual.

Harborview Journal

The eight honorees are global experts, academics and practitioners in the field of gender equality. This year's honorees include Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Malala Fund co-founder Ziauddin Yousafzai.

They join in recognition and solidarity with Promundo's 20 years of evidence and action as a global leader in engaging men, together with women, to promote gender justice and prevent violence. Awards for the honorees included our custom journals with the "Future of Manhood" logo and recipients' names embossed on the covers.

The honor is awarded to global experts who work for gender equality. 

Says Yousafzai, “For centuries, men have stood in the way of women’s freedom and advancement. But manhood should be about standing up for the equal rights of all people. Our societies will thrive when more men start supporting every woman’s right to learn and lead.”

We are thrilled that we were able to contribute to the recognition of these outstanding individuals.

Ama Schulman

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